ISI Group’s Activity

Our activity revolves around industrial equipment. We are trying to go beyond and deepen our expertise. In addition, we innovate in the spirit of Challenger. We strive to provide excellent products, services and solutions to our customers


ISI Group was founded in 1992, is a comprehensive enterprise group across the European and Asian continent. Since its establishment, the group's business has been expanding and growing steadily. In recent years, many of its subsidiaries have flourished in the field of automobile and train equipment.

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ISI group, founded in Paris (France) in 1992, is a multinational enterprise integrating research and development, production, trade and service. Our business covers three major sectors: industry, international trade and consulting services, and currently has branches in Paris (France), Turin (Italy), Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xi 'an, Changchun (China).

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